My Sash Story

My Sash Story

I didn't know I needed a Sash bag, until I got one! Three years ago, I started seeing ads on social media for the Sash bag. Designer and founder Nichole Macdonald  does a quick video of how the Sash bag works, and the unique features of the bag. I could see myself using it, with the easier access to essentials, and I could wear it under a coat or jacket if need be. So, I pledged in the kickstarter campaign, and while waiting for my ikat cloth bag, I learned more about Nichole, the sash bag, and some of the backers. I was increasingly impressed with my pending bag, as Nichole actually uses hers all the time - always a good sign! The sense of community of ardent fans was a new one for me, and added to the shared experience of women supporting each other.
Once I got my Sash, I learned that I had to really think about what was essential, and what could go in the backpack, or maybe just leave at home. Minimizing what I tote from day to day is one of the improvements in my life. I also find driving with passengers easier, as I can leave the Sash bag on, and using festival stalls or public restrooms is no longer an issue, as the bag stays on there too. Big yay, right?

The other great part of owning a sash bag is the community that Nichole fosters. There are a core group of supporters that go back before the first kickstarter campaign, and grew from there. Nichole created a VIP page for us, so we could share in the excitement of new designs, and encourage each other, help each other, and welcome new members. Nichole creates ways for us to connect through sales, and a gift share one year that has created lasting connections between us Sash Sisters and even Sash Misters. We also love the head office team, often sending gifts in stressful times - how many companies can say that?

As with any community, we have our own vocabulary to describe things. Sash is a noun and a verb here, such as "First time Sashing at a concert with my classic PF" (classic size sash bag, partial fringe). We also have quite a talent pool, many decorate their bags, or make accessories to go with the bags, including zipper pulls. Others create songs and poems about Sash and the community, which we used for a Sash bash party in the hometown of Sash, San Diego.

I really appreciate how much input Sash users have in the company. There are so many Canadians like me who ordered bags, that Nichole has given us our own website to purchase them and have delivered within Canada. She also regularly considers our input on patterns, materials and sizes.

Sash also goes beyond the bags,  with other sales platforms and products that work with Sash bags, or are just great fun items that suit that style.

After trying many styles of bags over the years, this has been the most satisfying investment. I have several Sash bags now, as I believe in the owner, the design, and the community of like-minded people. I am no longer a bagaholic because of searching for "the bag", as the search is over!

- Jackie Parnell


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