Don’t be tricky, treat yourself to a Sash Bag.

Don’t be tricky, treat yourself to a Sash Bag.

What better way to take on Halloween then hands free with your Sash? You are going to need both hands for partyin’ and still all of your essentials by your side. We don’t want you to forget anything so we’ve come up with a list of things you may need for a spooky Halloween evening. 

  1. Tide to-go pen: You can’t go wrong with always having a tide to-go pen handy. What if you’re dressed in white as a snow princess and spill guac on your costume?!
  2. Safety pins: You never know when your costume might malfunction.
  3. Advil/Tylenol: The music or the drinks may get to you, so be prepared!
  4. Cash/Cards: It’s always good to have both.
  5. Bobby pins/hairspray: You never know when your hair is going to be done cooperating..
  6. Makeup: Halloween is maybe the most makeup you will wear all year long so bring some of it for touch ups!
  7. Portable charger: Anytime you are going to have a long night, a portable charger is a must.
  8. Phone/Keys: Duh!
  9. Candy/gum/mints: Always
  10. Lady products: For you or someone else in need of one, always bring a tampon and/or pad!

Plus, so many other items that some of our Sash sisters need to carry on a daily basis.

We’ve attached a few photos of our sisters rocking their Sash bags with their costumes! What are you going to be this Halloween and what Sash will you be rocking?


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