What is a Sash bag?

A smarter way to stay organized.

A smarter way to stay organized.

  • Fits every phone on the market, including the iPhone 6+
  • Keeps items like keys at your fingertips
  • Features a built-in wallet for cards and cash, with RFID protection
  • Includes a discreet, zippered passport pocket
  • Small, stacked pockets to store items like chapstick, lip gloss, mints, gum, hair pins, and more
  • Large zippered pockets for items like pens, checkbook, sunglasses, and more
  • Completely symmetrical, ergonomic design
  • Stays put, won't move around, and is completely flat on the hip
  • Keep it on while driving, walking, biking, eating, and even using the restroom
  • Live your life, don't carry it.

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