Fits all your basics, and then some!

Some people call it sorcery. You literally can fit all your necessities in Sash Bag's 10 stacked pockets (plus two built-in wallets) and feel like you're carrying nothing. Try it for 30 days and if you don't love it, you can return it.

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About our design!

Let's get technical for a minute... The patented pocket design was thoughtfully created by a woman, for women. The pockets are perfect for everyday necessities and stacked to evenly distribute the weight. This unique design is what makes the Sash Bag so organized, comfortable, and more than meets the eye!

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Sash Bags come with a side of Sisterhood. When you meet someone with a Sash Bag you instantly know you're with a friend. These ladies literally met up in Paris just to take a picture with their Sash bags!! Meet ladies like them and lots more in our amazing Sash Community.

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Meet Our Founder

As a single mom, Nichole designed the Sash Bag to solve her own need for a comfortable and organized handbag that worked for her busy life. After so many "Where did you get that bag?" inquiries, she pulled from her background in product development and marketing to launch the company in 2012.

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“I've had my Sash bag for over 2 years. I love it! So comfortable, versatile, & roomy! It makes carrying a purse so much safer, and keeps everything at my fingertips. I have neck problems that make carrying a conventional purse very painful. Sash is pain free!” ~ Gayle W.

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“I kind of giggled and did an eye roll when I read that the sash bag is a lifestyle. I now own sash bags exclusively. Goodbye shoulder and neck pain. Goodbye losing stuff in my big awkward purses. Goodbye unorganized schlepping of random stuff. Hello hands free and pain free fashion. Hello sleek design. Hello knowing exactly where things are in an organized bag. What can I say... Fashion, fun, and freedom all in one bag, I am a fan for life. Yes it is a lifestyle and I am so happy to be able to claim it. And have I mentioned the customer service? This company cares and wants you to love the bags as much as they do. When ever I have reached out to them they have gone over and beyond any company I have dealt with. I love this bag and all the people of SASH.” ~ Lucy K.

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“Sash is my favourite purse ever! So easy to wear with the way it stays flat against your body and does not put pressure on your shoulder - even with the amazing amount of stuff you can stuff into it! Well made with numerous card slots and little pouches and sturdy zippers. I talk up my Sash to anyone who seems even vaguely interested, and probably even to those that aren't, haha. AND I now have two amazing Sash bags - I won one in the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway contest THANK-YOU SASH! so i have even more to be happy about. Try one, and see if you agree - best bag ever!” ~ Darlene C.

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“I love my bags. I have 2 and wish I had more. I had it on the other day while having my 4 month old in a carrier shopping. He was strapped to the front of me and still had access to my bag with no issues to pay. Best purse I have ever owned.” ~ Sheri W.

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“Amazing, hassle free bags. A blessing for those with medical conditions that can’t carry much weight on their backs, hips, or shoulders, etc. Fantastic if you use a walker or crutches - you are hands-free! Easily keep it on to carry all the essentials. I feel safer and more organized carrying my Sash bags! I won’t own another purse. Oh, and they have great Customer Service!!” ~ Janet K.

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"I have several Sash bags. I love them all. I have even worn them in the rain & never had a problem. I don’t do purses anymore, I only do SASH. bags. Love them." ~ Karen R.

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"I love the Sash Bag! I feel more secure carrying my sash bag then with any other bags out there. Especially under my coat in the winter. You never have to worry about putting it in a shopping cart or on the floor. All the colors and different embellishments are fantastic. The Sash Bag staff is very supportive if you are having an issue. I have gifted a couple sash bags to friends who love them too. Keep up the great job Sash Bag." ~ Terry K.

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"Three years ago before I had my second open heart surgery I was looking for a bag that was light weight, that would not put stress on my incision or shoulders plus was attractive. Sash to the rescue. This is the best bag I have ever owned and I have only used Sash Bags since. The service from Sash has been remarkable. I had an issue with the zipper on one of my bags and the bag was immediately replaced. Very friendly, helpful staff." ~ Donita J.

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"Sash is a perfectly balanced bag. It holds all my things and rests on my shoulder effortlessly. Sometimes I have to check if it’s there. I have neck and back pain and feel none with this bag. The more I use it the better it gets. I love my SASH Bag." ~ Wanda P.

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