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meet the team

Read about these wonderful humans and discover the faces behind the magic

Chief Bag Lady

Nichole MacDonald

Nichole is the founder and creator of the Sash bag. She invented the Sash bag out of necessity, not having any idea it would turn into the phenomenon it has become today. Her passion is being with the customers and spreading the love of Sash. Nichole is a single mom, philanthropist, sister-friend to many, and highly active member of all of her communities.

Magical Maven of Bizcraft

Jocelyn MacDonald

Jocelyn works in marketing, communications, business development, and wherever else her experience and love of Sash will help the company and our team. Jocelyn brings her leadership to the Sash team to help create maximum Sashisfaction for all!

Director of the Sashiverse

Kara Mayfield

Kara is Sash’s Director of Operations, which, for a small business, means that she wears about a dozen hats. She has her finger on production, marketing, accounting, sales, systems, and more. She is a human magic wand.

Patron Saint of Sashification

Cheri Terhorst

Cheri is our Customer Success Manager and our Concierge who ensures that literally every customer is smiling every day. She genuinely LOVES making people happy. And our customers love her back! Pretty sure she has her own fan club.

Siren of Serenity and Sashisfaction

Brianna Locklear

Brianna is a superstar San Diego transplant and we are so lucky she made the move! She specializes in working with customers to help them fall in love with their Sash Bags. Creative and adventurous, Brianna has Sash Sister vibes to spare.

Canadian Queen of Customer Care

Carla Legault

Carla is a Sash enthusiast who's been spreading her "North of the Border" kindness as part of the Sash community. She's now an official part of the team and she's always eager to help others with a ton of enthusiasm.

The Goddess of Creation

Grace Ballweg

In her role as Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist, Grace creates content that reflects the greatness of Sash Sisters & Misters and the Sash Bag, too! You can find her out surfing, hiking or taking pics for Sash in and around San Diego. Her radiant spirit is hard to miss!

Solution Seeker Sashionista

Carlee Zank

We’re convinced there isn’t anything Carlee can’t do, so of course she’s an amazing part of the Sash customer service crew! She’s a single-mom to two incredible kids, a great friend ,and an all-around awesome person. We don’t know how she does it all, but we’re here for it!

The Connoisseur of Cuteness

Amelia Ober

When we say Amelia is a Unicorn we don’t say it lightly. She is pure magic and sparkles inside of a package of hard-working genius, held aloft by gossamer wings. She can (and does) do it all, including managing our Live Sales, production coordination and so much more!

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