Nichole MacDonald

Chief Bag Lady

Nichole is the founder and creator of the Sash bag. She invented the Sash bag out of necessity, not having any idea it would turn into the phenomenon it has become today. Her passion is being with the customers and spreading the love of Sash.

Jocelyn MacDonald 

Magical Maven of Bizcraft

Jocelyn works in marketing, communications, business development, and wherever else her experience and love of Sash will help the company and our team. She is also a certified leadership coach with a passion for supporting people to live their best lives!

Kara Mayfield

Gorilla Glue

Kara is Sash’s Director of Operations, which, for a small business, means that she wears about a dozen hats. She has her finger on production, marketing, accounting, sales, systems, and more. She is a human magic wand.

Cheri Terhorst

Patron Saint of Sash Shennanigans

Cheri is our Customer Success Manager and our Concierge who ensures that literally every customer is smiling every day. She genuinely LOVES making people happy. And our customers love her back! Pretty sure she has her own fan club.