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Article: Linda's Sash Story

Linda's Sash Story

Linda's Sash Story

I first learned of the Sash Bag by way of a Facebook ad. It got my attention because, after a melanoma diagnosis that involved the removal of all the lymph nodes in my left arm pit, wearing a shoulder bag just wasn’t practical anymore. Doctors advised me to not put much weight on my left shoulder because it can cause my left arm to swell. Wearing a shoulder bag on the right shoulder just didn’t cut it for me. I also wasn’t a fan of satchels or clutch bags because they are a basic pain in the butt to me. I found some crossbody bags that I liked, but they always were in my way or getting caught on door knobs. And, don’t even let me get into where to put them when you’re in the car. Back seat? Floor? They also tended to turn into “black holes” where things disappeared. 
I do photography as a hobby and while juggling things between a camera bag and a handbag was tolerable, I still needed a better solution. 
The Sash caught my eye because it had a substantial strap that was adjustable and it hugged the body. It was actually a part of you! It wasn’t a huge bag but I was looking to lighten my load anyway. I had nothing to lose by ordering one and trying it out. 
Initially, I had trouble deciding what to carry in it and how much “stuff” I really needed to put inside of it. There was some trial and error but I made it work well enough that I brought the bag with me on a trip to Europe. It was nice to have everything on hand at the airport. No need to go digging through a bag to find my passport or boarding pass. I also brought one of my larger slings with me in case I wanted to buy stuff on our trip. Well, that lasted only one day because it was bulky and carrying that and my camera was a huge pain in the butt. And, getting on and off of trams was an ordeal. At the end of the day my good shoulder was aching. Ha! I’d had the Sash for only 2 months at that point and already I was spoiled. The next day, I went back to using the Sash and it stayed on me the rest of the trip. Carrying my camera was easy peasy and we just saved souvenir shopping for the end of our day. 
So, my Sash passed its first test with flying colors. 
Since that first one, I've added a Caramel Partial Fringe, Turquoise Corset, Black/Brown Reversible, a Leather Reptile, and a Tan Classic to my collection. These will soon be joined by a Copper Dust, Sage FF, Tangerine/Rhino, and a Ruby/Chianti. (Reversible bags were available only through a completed Kickstarter campaign for Sash Bag 3.0.) 
Yeah, I guess you can say I found my favorite bag! 
What do I love most about Sash?
1. Its sleek lines.
2. The fact I can wear it while driving! No more forgetting the bag in the car having to put in on the floor.
3. The fact I can wear it while taking care of business in the Ladies’ room. No more hanging a bag on the door where someone can reach over and steal it.
4. The fact I can wear it when leaving my table when we’re out to dinner to go hit the Salad Bar or a buffet.
5. The fact I can carry my camera with it.
6. If a flight attendant insists I remove it, it folds in half easily and fits right on top of my carryon bag.
7. The lovely colors and style choices.
8. A company that’s not afraid to try new things stylistically and that listens to its customers.
9. A great VIP group on Facebook where fellow enthusiasts are ready to help or offer suggestions.
Thanks to Nichole and the staff I am a very happy Sash Sister!

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