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Article: Get Festival Ready with Sash

Get Festival Ready with Sash

Get Festival Ready with Sash

Who doesn’t love a festival? OK, maybe if you don’t like music or people or fun, you don’t love a festival, but I think those folks may be beyond help ;)

For the rest of us, festivals can be some of the best times you’ll ever have. Let’s face it though, without proper preparation, things can get janky fast. So, here’s a list of must-haves to make your outing the MOST-FUN! 


First things first, you have got to have a Sash Bag. When at a festival, you are on your feet all day doing tons of walking and the last thing you want is a big backpack with unnecessary items weighing you down. You need something lightweight, organized, cute and it has an RFID built-in wallet so that’s one less thing to carry! Plus, everyone else will love you for not banging into them with your big ole bag or pack. 


Don’t forget your ID, debit/credit cards, some cash, and insurance cards. These are best to keep in a card holder or coin case so everything stays together! What seems like the obvious, one of these items always gets missed! 


Being outside all day in the heat, you’re going to need to carry a travel size bottle of sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. Also, your favorite pair of sunnies or a hat!  


Like we said, most music festivals are hot and you’re walking around and dancing all day. Here are some items to keep you smelling good and feeling fresh!

  • You don’t always have the option of washing your hands when you need to, so hand sanitizer it is!
  • It’s hot, you’re sweating and your makeup is melting- you’re going to need this to cool down. This face mist from Coola is cooling and BONUS, has sunscreen!
  • Sometimes they run out of TP, so tissues are always a must have. You can never be too prepared.
  • Keep your hair out of your face with these cute hair ties that won’t give you ponytail headaches or indents for when you want to let your hair down again.
  • And any extras like lip balm, lip gloss, deodorant, body spray, tampons, tylenol etc.


Staying hydrated is so important and at some festivals, they don’t allow metal water bottles. We suggest these lightweight collapsible water bottles that can clip right onto your Sash when filled or collapse right into a pocket.


If the festival is somewhere windy with dirt, a bandana is going to be your best friend for protecting your face. The great part of it is, when you don’t need to wear it, just clip it on your Sash for a cute little accessory. And last but certainly not least, a portable phone charger. You don’t want to be that person stuck sitting near a wall while your phone charges while the rest of your friends are having fun. 

Grab a Sash Bag and some fun accessories at and and be prepared to have the time of your life, stress free at your next festival or outdoor concert!


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