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The bag you never remove, even when you need to pee.

This is a true story.

I was on a highway, somewhere outside of Jakarta, Indonesia. The driver of the SUV we were in must have thought he was auditioning for a role in a Jason Bourne movie, the way he was speeding in and out of lanes, between cars, and on the shoulder. And man, I had to pee sooooo badly. Between my gasps at each narrow miss of a head-on collision, I managed to squeak out a request to stop.

The driver pulled over at what can only be described as a building of decay and abandon. I thought, “Surely this is not a bathroom?” But he urged me to go inside, and to hurry up already. So in I went. The faded green floors and cracked walls showed years of neglect. There were no toilets, no stalls. Just walls, holes, lots of mysterious dampness, and a stench so foul, I feel like it’s been stuck in my nose ever since. I could barely see. There was no toilet paper. Obviously. There was no toilet, so...

These are the moments we find ourselves sometimes wondering, “How did I get here?” What adventurous moment did I say yes to that has me squatting here in the dark, being dripped on by some mysterious liquid, while covering my nose and mouth with a scarf as though my life depended on it?

Well, that’s where my Sash Bag came in. It was at this moment that I realized the genius of what I had created. It started as a simple idea. One that would make my day-to-day life a little easier as a single mom. I wanted something that could keep me organized and hands-free. Something lightweight that didn’t bog me down the way a big purse did.

Little did I know when I invented the Sash Bag, I was creating the world’s most amazing travel bag. Seriously, think of the last time you had a purse that was so comfortable you forgot you were wearing it. This is what happened to me. And when I remembered that I had all my belongings right there wrapped around my torso, I pulled out my phone for light, tissues for wiping, and hand sanitizer for cleaning up.

When I got back into the car, I also used my essential oils that I had in one of my Sash Bag pockets to recalibrate and energetically brush away the ick. That would have been a much different experience if I didn’t have my Sash Bag. Now I don’t go anywhere without it.

On a horse, in a cab, on a train, in a bathroom, dancing, hiking, strolling, cycling... It’s literally the only bag that can go everywhere you go and hold everything you need, while feeling like you are carrying nothing at all. It’s pure magic.


Nichole MacDonald

Sash customer travel testimonials


“My daughter, our Sash bags, and me while we climbed the Ngorongoro Crater to Endoro Falls. This bag held everything I needed for a month-long trip to Tanzania--U.S. money, Tanzanian money, passport, lip balm, sunglasses, phone, external battery, charging cords, and more! I literally took it off only to sleep. Absolutely perfect for traveling!”

sash customer travel testimonials


“The BEST bag ever - trucked through Europe for 3 weeks gloriously hands free and well organized. My bad back didn’t hurt a bit from having this on all the time and it does with every other bag I’ve tried. Take the plunge.”

sash customer travel testimonials


“Not a fancy outfit or occasion but I'm flying to Portland and am enjoying how stress free the Sash makes traveling. In my classic plus I have my usual money/cards/keys/lip balm/glasses cleaner/kleenex etc but it also easily takes my passport, my e-reader,, an extra granola bar, mask, mini notebook and pen, etc., and it still feels light and not bulky. Everything I need in one place, no need to fret. Love Sash!”

sash customer travel testimonials


"The BEST thing about a Sash is how easy it is to travel with it! Everything is easy to reach (passport, phone, credit cards, hand sanitizer). It makes going through security a breeze!”

There are literally thousands of other Sash Sisters (and Misters) who have similar stories of how much they love traveling with their Sash Bags. They may not actually post about how they can pee with it on, but we know they are happy when they do!

the last bag you'll ever buy

the sash bag

The patented pocket design was thoughtfully created with pockets that are perfect for everyday necessities and stacked to evenly distribute the weight. The Sash Bag is so comfortable, you will forget that you’re wearing it.

In 2013, founder and creator Nichole MacDonald applied her creative problem-solving skills with an inherent need to be organized, inventing the Sash bag out of necessity, with no idea it would turn into the phenomenon it exists as today. When Sash launched, it quickly caught the eye of women who were looking for a better way to have the things they need at their fingertips. The Sash Bag is more than a product – it is a lifestyle, a community, and the future of handbags.

The Sash Community started as individual strangers who fell in love with a product that changed their life, and turned into a community of real-life friendships. Today, Sash meetups are common, with Sash lovers all across the country — and the globe — getting together for adventures.

The Sash Bag truly is the most comfortable and functional bag on the market. The unique patented, stacked, ergonomic 10-pocket design evenly distributes the weight of the contents of the bag, so it feels like you're wearing nothing at all, while having everything at your fingertips and easily accessible. It is truly hands free, allowing for the freedom to not need to fiddle with your bag, allowing users to easily drop items in and out and open the pockets to access items even with an armful of other things. With its wide range of styles and colors, from fringe to faux leather, classic neutrals to vibrant hues, this crossbody bag is the perfect companion. No matter what the day brings, the Sash bag rests comfortably and easily stores everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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