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You're an Everyday Superhero and you're about to take your heroism to the next level with a new Sash bag! That's right, someone submitted you for our Sash bag giveaway and you're a winner, baby!

Complete this form and submit it so we can get your bag sent to you right away. 

Please confirm your email address: 

Choose your Sash bag from our IN-STOCK inventory here. (Canadian winners, click here.) Be sure you write the name of the bag in full so you get the right color, material, and style. 

Please provide your mailing/shipping address below: 


Terms and Conditions: I agree to email a photo of myself wearing my new Sash Bag where the entire bag and my face are visible within three (3) business days from the delivery date of the bag. Photo(s) will be sent to

If I do not provide a photo, I agree to pay the purchase price of the bag, plus applicable tax, and shipping. (YES, this has happened, which is why we have to put this in here. Boo!)

Sash Group, Inc., has my permission to use any images provided by me in their promotional/marketing materials. The nomination submission information sent to me by email may also be used for promotional and marketing purposes. 

Full name:

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