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Sash Lovers Speak Out

"This is the most amazing bag! Extremely well designed and well made. It's comfortable to wear and oh so practical. I was a lucky Kickstarter backer and I believe it was a great investment. I got the Ikat Gypsy/black cloth bag (for me) and the Turquoise leather (for my daughter who discovered the bag). The customer service can't be beat. They are so easy to work with; so very willing to go that extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied. If more than 5 stars could have been given I would have done so. Great job, Sash ladies! Keep filling those orders! I've already placed an order the a turquoise leather one....can't wait!"   -  Martha G. 


"I had been looking for a good "cross body" purse for quite some time and I couldn't find anything ....and then I stumbled across the Sash bag, I believe through a Facebook ad, and felt like I finally found what I was looking for. Thankfully the bag arrived before I began to travel this summer. I love how easy this is to wear!"   -  Elizabeth C.

"Just received my Sash bag and absolutely love it. I ordered the cloth bag to make sure I liked the style, and I don't just like it I love it! I have back problems and would recommend this to anyone with back problems. It distributes the weight so evenly, it's wonderful. Will be ordering a leather one soon. Thanks Sash for an amazing product!" -   Amber A. 

"I'd been thinking about buying a Sash bag since about April this year. I was reluctant to hand over my money for something I couldn't see or feel and it was from the other side of the world. Last week I took the plundge and ordered 2 cloth ones. One for me and one for my sister. They arrived today, within 8 days from ordering. Think I may have found the perfect bag. The service has been amazing. Thanks!'   - Karen T. 

"I received my Sash bag a couple of days ago and I absolutely love it. I'm amazed at how soft the leather is. i hate carrying a handbag so this is perfect for me." - Shirley W.

"I got my first Sash when my daughter was a toddler and broke out of my arms and took off running, knocking my heavy purse on the floor. I had to decide to leave my purse and run after her. Luckily the purse was still there. Sash: Because you should have to choose between your toddler and your purse!" - Holly K.

"My bag came today. It is perfect. The leather is soft; the way it holds things is great and it is light and molds to your body. Wonderful!! Thank you for your responses to my questions and keeping updates on the site with news or production. Great customer service!" - Sandra J.

"I had been looking for a good "cross body" purse for quite some time and I couldn't find anything ....and then I stumbled across the Sash bag, I believe through a Facebook ad, and felt like I finally found what I was looking for. Thankfully the bag arrived before I began to travel this summer. I love how easy this is to wear! I love everything about this bag. Sometimes I wish it held more, but I typically prefer carrying small purses so I don't fill them with junk. This product was a brilliant idea. I wish I could afford a few more so they could match all my outfits!" - Elizabeth M.

"The customer service from this company is AMAZING! From snail mail updates, emails and handwritten card with order they do everything to keep you updated. Product is of the highest quality. Ordered for my daughter. As soon as i saw it in person, ordered one for myself." - Samantha R.

"Ordered as part of the Kickstarter campaign. It's even better than I expected. I have a cloth bag in turquoise and gray (it's beautiful). It holds everything I need including a large phone and a bottle of water. I highly recommend this product!" - Jessica S.

"I love my sash! Keeps everything so organized and is unbelievably comfortable that I actually forget I am even wearing it. I highly recommend the bag, I use it everyday." - Sharon K.

"I've been using my sash bag for not even a week, and i dont think ill ever go back to using anything else. So comfy you cant even feel it, well made, and gorgeous. Thank you sash!" - Ashley L.

"Sash is definitely worth the wait. Bag is beautiful and more perfect than I expected!! Thank you for your great customer service and keeping updates available. I look forward to ordering many more." - Sandra J.

"I just received my sash and it's absolutely wonderful! Light weight, feels amazing, contours to the body and fits everything! The customer service was so perfect and I couldn't be more satisfied. I will most definitely make purchases for presents, the perfect gift! NOW LETS GO TRAVEL!" - DeAnna B.

"I love my Sash. It's even better than I thought it would be. Excellent design, excellent concept. I plan to buy several more colors. Coming cloth or leather makes it affordable to most women. Definitely a great gift to ask for or to save for. Can't say enough good things!" - Teri W.

"The best purse I have ever had!!! Everyone should try Sash! I love all the pockets and having an organized purse. Definitely worth buying!!!" - Makayla P.

"I had the pleasure today of meeting the designer herself and the ladies behind the sash bag. I got the gypsy and the photos don't do it justice. It's much more vibrant in person. I recently had knee surgery and as a mother and grandmother of a 6 and two five year olds I carry a lot of "stuff" which has been difficult while on crutches and in a full leg brace. This is going to help tremendously! I had a chance to see all of the fabrics and the leathers.....I'm telling you ladies they are even prettier in person. I know I'm going to end up getting a leather one in the future....but loving this gypsy fabric for now!" - Maki A.

"I have been waiting 3 months for this bag and it was so worth it! My husband ordered this for me as a gift so I had no idea until today, when it arrived, which one he got me. It is the black/tan leather one! I absolutely love it! It will go with everything. I quickly pulled my basics out of the diaper bag I have been doubling as my purse and loaded up my Sash. It is just perfect and fits me perfect too! Thank you so much for creating this amazing bag. I can't wait to start showing it off." - Jamie J.

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