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Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows creators to fund their project or venture by raising small amounts of money (compared to the larger amounts from and investor or commercial lender) from a large number of people.

Our first Kickstarter campaign allowed us to produce our first cloth bags. The second one (the outrageously popular, $1M one!), produced over 750 variations of multiple sized Sash Bags and the most recent - Sash Bag 3.0, introduced another new size (Classic Plus) and a fully reversible bag. Now, Sash Bag 2.5 will fund the production your most asked-for Sash Bags, in brand new colors!

Sash Bag, in yet another, new size. And, with 12 new colors.

The really fun part of having a Kickstarter campaign is that it lets us bring new Sash designs into the world. The less-than-fun part about a Kickstarter is that you have to wait to get your new Sash Bag. Here’s a bit more about that:


1. Kickstarter backers pledge an amount that corresponds to the “reward” they want to receive from the campaign. For Sash Bag 2.5, The Favorites, you can pledge anywhere from $1 just to be part of the campaign, up to $990 - for the Obsession level which gets you 10 Sash Bags from the campaign with any embellishment. The amount you contribute determines which reward you receive. 

2. BUT WAIT! That’s not all… When the campaign is over, backers still need to let us know which totally custom combo of colors you want and that comes in an email survey that’s sent to your Kickstarter account email. Pretty, pretty, pretty please watch for that email after the campaign ends. It’s how we know what bag to make just for you.


If you don’t already have one, you’ll need an account on Kickstarter.  Go to Sign In in the top right hand corner: 

It will take you to this page, where you will choose to sign up for a new account:

 You should now be all set to make your pledge!  Remember, you’ll make your style and color preference selections  after the campaign has ended when we will send out a survey with all of the color choices. 

We’ve got more details and answers on our FAQ section on Kickstarter which is an excellent resource to help get into all of the details as far as styles and how it all works.  If you need additional assistance after going through these guided steps, please reach out to us directly on Kickstarter or by emailing