Wear The Yellow Heels

Wear The Yellow Heels

A couple weeks ago, I had the good fortune to be able to take two lucky customers (De’Anna and Sabrina, who won our travel contest earlier this year) to India, along with my office manager, Jenny. After several days of grueling travel, we finally had the long-anticipated opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal. When we met in the lobby of the hotel to depart for the tour, I saw that De’Anna was wearing bright yellow stilettos. Before I even had a chance to question her choice of footwear, knowing it was going to be a long, hot day with a lot of walking, De’Anna said proudly,  “Sometimes you gotta wear the yellow heels.”

It was a profound and inspirational “go big or go home” moment; suddenly, I felt frumpy in my flip flops and wondered why I was being so safe with my choices. I mean, seriously, how many times will you get to visit the Taj Mahal in your life? But I knew I wouldn’t have been comfortable in heels. De’Anna is a stage hypnotist and spends a lot of time wearing them. Me? I imagined I would probably fall flat on my face.

Later in the day, during our amazing tour, De’Anna told me to “walk over there” so she could take a picture of me with the Taj Mahal in the background. Without even thinking about it, just as she was taking the picture, I jumped up in the air. Everyone was cracking up, but when we looked at the picture, we saw that it perfectly captured the moment! It was the perfect expression of how much fun we were having on this trip.

My point in writing all of this is to say that we all have a little “Wear the Yellow Heels” in us. For me, it’s not being afraid to look stupid if I’m having fun. I asked Sabrina what hers is and she said going on the trip in the first place! She said, “I had a ton of anxiety as the trip neared, but once I was at the airport, I let it all go. I am so very grateful that I didn't let my many fears of the unknowns change a damn thing, because it was absolutely the trip of a lifetime!” As for Jenny, she said hers was, “Saying yes to everything.” On this trip, we went zip lining, bamboo rafting, hiking in the jungle, living among the monkeys. It was challenging in a lot of ways, but we definitely said yes to every opportunity for adventure. And we didn’t regret one second of it.

So what’s your thing? How do you embrace life and opportunities and live in the moment? How do you “Wear the Yellow Heels?”  We want to hear about it!


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