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Sash Bag

Moss Faux Leather Fringe Sash Bag

Moss Faux Leather Fringe Sash Bag

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This style is part of our Yosemite Collection and is available in limited quantities. 

This vibrant Spring Moss is gorgeous and a little bit daring - just like you are! If this bag appeals to you, you don't mind being noticed. With the added fringe, you'd better LOVE it. Celebrate the energy of the season with this head-turning color!

Made from a faux leather that is soft and smooth with a lambskin leather feel. Features silver hardware accents and a color-coordinated, printed fabric interior. 

Fringe disclaimer: The fringe embellishment is not covered under the manufacturing warranty. Sash is not responsible for lost or damage fringe that occurs after delivery.


• Two open, front pockets for easy-access to things like phone and keys.

• Two, 6 3/4 inch wide, zippered sections - one on each side of the bag - that includes a place for items like sunglasses, makeup and medication.

• Two smaller pockets inside each section are perfect for change, treats, hair holders, or whatever you want!

• Each large section includes a built-in RFID protected wallet with 3 card slots that fit 6 or 7 cards in total.

• Ooooh, there is also a secure, hidden cash pocket behind each wallet. Wide, comfortable, fully adjustable strap to fit all sizes

• Ergonomic design means wearable comfort, even if it's all day, every day.

• Hand cut and sewn in a fair trade factory means attention to detail and quality of life for our manufacturing partners

• 30 Day "We promise you're gonna love it" warranty. You can just send it back if you don't. We do this because we're pretty sure you're going to love it!


We use the highest grade genuine leather that is soft and a dream to wear. It is sourced 100% from the food industry. No farming for fashion here!

Our faux leather is made from polyurethane and processed to be as close to the real deal as possible!

Care Instructions

Wearing a Sash bag is a different experience than carrying a traditional purse. A Sash Bag is something you wear more like a garment and will withstand more wear and tear than a traditional purse. It is likely be exposed to elements such as sun and rain more frequently and for more prolonged periods of time. 

That means you'll want to take particular care with your new Sash bag. The dyed leather will naturally fade over time. Highly pigmented colors can appear to fade "faster". The rate at which colors fade will depend on how much it is exposed to sun or abrasion.

We encourage you to have all the adventures you want to have with your bag, and suggest you occasionally love it up with some Leather Honey (we sell some care packages on our website if you need it). You'll want something to care for it to keep those pigments vibrant! 

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