Marbled Leather Sash Bags (Pre-Order)

$ 159.99

Brand Sash Bag

The highly coveted, marbled leathers first featured by our famed Honey Marbled Leather Sash Bag are on their way by popular demand-- but now with more colors! Choose from our Classic or Extra size made from a rich, dark, highly distressed leather. Each bag will have variations in color and some "crackles" in the leather, making each one truly one-of-a-kind. It has a unique finish that at first feels more stiff and needs a few days to break in, then with time and use turns into a luxuriously soft and marbled Sash you'll never want to take off!

Available in Aqua, Red, Purple, Gray and Brown. Full Fringe and Studded available for Classic size only. 

Arriving in early 2021.