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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are the bags so heavily discounted?

A:  While there could be a variety of reasons, the most common is that the bag has slight imperfections.  Whether it is odd distressing marks on the leather that didn’t quite pass our quality control measures, missing zipper pulls, or simply previously used-- the bags will have slight imperfections but are still functional.  Sometimes, we also put close-outs, “last of their kind”, or brand new overstock bags in the sale as well. It’s a great way to get a last chance bag that’s no longer in production and at a discount too!


Q:  Do bags sold on have the same warranty as a full priced Sash?  

A:  Sash bags purchased through carry a limited warranty for six months but not the full blown one available with a regular purchase.  When purchased via Lash at the heavily discounted price, it comes with the understanding that the bag may have slight imperfections. That means that if something minor presents itself such as a zipper pull falling off or something of that nature, the customer assumes the responsibility to fix it on their own (and usually this is quite simple to do-- reach out to us if you need help or tips on how).  If something happens that renders the bag unusable such as the main zipper splitting-- we can replace it with something comparable. Personal preference returns are not allowed for Lash purchases. They are final sale only. No purchase can be returned for refund, even if a genuine defect is present-- however, we will make sure you have a usable Sash bag that is comparable in the event that anything should happen.  We would never knowingly sell a bag with a major defect via the Lash sales however.


Q:  If I confirm a purchase for a Sash earlier in the sale and then later on was able to also obtain one that I wanted more-- can I just get a refund for the ones I decided I didn’t want?  

A: sales are final sale only-- even when it’s during or immediately after the sale.  The reason for this is a matter of fairness.  A lot of the bags featured in these sales are limited edition and so there are a lot of people trying to get their hands on them.  When they are purchased in the sale, they are no longer available to anyone else. If you then decide that you just want something else or you purchased four, and only want three of your choices-- well, that’s someone who missed out on purchasing the Sash that you’ve now decided you don’t prefer.  Since we are all here to have a good time and get some great deals, please be respectful of other shoppers. If you aren’t absolutely sure you want it, don’t confirm the purchase so that others who may really be vying for that bag have a fair shot at it as well :)  

Q: I have bought several items in the sale-- can I combine shipping and receive a refund?  

A: charges a processing fee that is not a simple shipping charge.  The processing fee is per item and helps cover the costs for processing the credit card, some shipping costs, packaging, the use of the forum and processing.  As the bags are already heavily discounted, we do not offer refunds for combined shipping--even if we choose to combine them when the order is being processed.  

Q: Can I have it sent to a different address than what's in my profile?  

A: Any address change or request regarding where purchases will be sent and/or arrangements for store pickup needs to be made prior to the sale.  NO EXCEPTIONS. After the sale is over, we will be sending to the address on file.  

Q: I did not realize the bag I purchased was only available in the US, and I'm in Canada.  Can I cancel? 

A:  During the sale, we make it clear before each product is up for purchase whether it is in the US, Canada, or if it's available in both countries.  It is the responsibility of the customer to remain aware of this as all sales are final.  Please note that all prices are in USD (no matter which country they fulfill from) and if it's coming into Canada from the US, it will be subject to customs/duties charges at delivery which vary depending on your regional government.  We do not charges taxes when coming from the US, so you are not being double-taxed.  If you are concerned about the possibility of extra charges, we recommend purchasing only products that are available to fulfill from Canada. Customer Policies


All Sash bags sold on have a limited warranty for six months.  When purchasing from, the customer is acknowledging their understanding that the bags are sold with heavy discounts due to slight imperfections.  For this reason, they do not qualify for exchange for issues of this nature. For example, if a zipper pull is missing or comes off, the zipper splits in one of the passport/phone pockets, or there is minor stitching irregularities-- it is not covered by the limited warranty as they are relatively simple to fix and do not render the bag unusable.  If a main pocket zipper is not functional, the strap won’t stay snapped or there are major stitching flaws, that would be covered. However, it’s extremely rare that this occurs. We do quality check the bags thoroughly for issues such as this before they are available for sale, so it is not common that this would happen. If you need to process an exchange, there is a chance that particular style is no longer available, in which case we would work with you to replace it for something comparable.  

Returns due to personal preference are not eligible for refund nor exchange.  The 30 Day Guarantee does not apply.