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There are LOTS of places where you can find answers quickly. 

1. This page and our Kickstarter 101 page.

2. The FAQ page on our Sash Bag 3.0 Kickstarter campaign.

3. The regular updates we send, via email, to all the campaign backers that are also posted on the Kickstarter campaign here.

4. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can email us at Please keep in mind that your email is one of hundreds and, while each question (and each and every customer) is important to us, we’re a small team, and it’s going to take a little time to get back to you. 

5. PLEASE DO NOT ask questions that need to be answered by Sash on social media posts. We’d love for you to use our social media channels to stay connected to us, and each other, but it is not the place for customer service issues. Really, we are kind of begging you here… If you email us, we PROMISE we will get back to you. 



Our Kickstarter bags are covered under our 30 day “try it and love it” guarantee, from the day you take delivery of your bag. That means, if you don’t love, love, love your bag, we will either, find one you do love in exchange or refund your pledge in full. That refund one really is a last resort, because we want you to have a Sash Bag you LOVE, But, because the Kickstarter bags are produced based on custom orders only, what we have for exchanges is going to be limited. If you find you need an exchange for personal preference, that happens once we make sure everyone receives their original orders. We will provide you with the return form and either issue a refund or credit for the bag before that, just email us at for details.


If a return or exchange request is due to a manufacturing defect we will do our very, very, very best to find you the same bag in exchange. If we cannot, we will give you first dibs on the bags that remain can process that sooner but only for the exact style that was originally ordered. 

All other Sash Customer Policies apply so please check them out HERE (insert link)*


When the campaign ends, you will receive a survey where you can indicate what bag you want us to make. If we don’t get your completed survey, we will not be able to make your bag. We really do wish we were mind-readers (it would cool, but kind of weird too), but since we aren’t, you have to answer the email survey that goes out at the end of the campaign. 


*Just in case you don’t actually read ALL of our customer policies, here are some pretty important highlights:

Returns for ANY reason are subject to final approval. We do warranty against manufacturing defects which means the bag wasn’t made correctly and/or has issues that can be atributed to faulty construction or materials. Requests for refunds or exchanges require that the returned bag be in “like-new” condition. Bags that are returned for defects that have excessive wear and tear and damage (not defect), may not be approved.