Q: What is your return policy?

A: We have a 30-day “we promise you’re going to love it” guarantee. If you don’t, we will give you a full refund. We also have an one year manufacturing guarantee. If a button pops off or a zipper breaks, we will fix it, even if it’s a year from now!

Q: Why is there no pocket in the middle? Isn’t that wasted space?

A: That was actually a very specific and intentional design strategy to make sure the product lies flat against the hip. The goal is to remove bulk by stacking everything up the front and back of the bag, leaving the middle flat.

Q: Is this good for travel?

A: Yes, yes, and YES! It’s amazing for travel. It fits a passport inside ANY of the pockets. Another point is that you don’t have to take it off. You can wear it on the plane, in a cab, on a bike, in a restaurant, when you use a restroom. There’s no risk in losing it or having it stolen when it’s on the body. Plus, it’s slimming enough to fit under a coat, sweater, or wrap to keep it hidden.

Q: Do the bags have RFID protection?

A: Yes! We have included RFID protection in the lining of the bag so your information is safe from thieves!

Q: Does it have slash-proof lining?

A: No. We looked into doing that and determined that the cost wasn’t worth the risk since nobody has ever had an issue with safety when wearing their Sash. The reason is because it’s something you wear, not something you carry. It’s not even immediately obvious that it’s a purse since it’s wrapping so securely to the body.

Q: Will it fit a water bottle?

A: It will fit a small one in the inside or outside pocket, but not with other things in the
pockets. If you want a water bottle on one side, move everything else to the other side of the bag to offset.

Q: Where else do you sell the bag?

A: The bulk of our business is right here on our website. We also have a store in San Diego, California. You can see us there at 3753 6th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103.

Q: Can men wear the product?

A: Absolutely! We have many men who have purchased, and love their Sash bag!

Q: Are you ever going to make one for men?

A: We have a prototype for a man’s version of the bag and are planning to release it later in 2016 or early 2017.

Important information for our international customers:

Sash Group Inc. is based out of San Diego, California, and all of our products ship from our home base here in the United States. When you order the bag from another country, you will incur shipping charges that may be higher than what you are used to, based on how far the product has to travel. You will most likely also incur duty fees during the import process. The cost and procedure varies by country, so we recommend checking with your local postal agency if you have specific questions about what to expect.

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