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Sash bags are designed to fit your daily necessities at your fingertips without weighing you down. Our ergonomic design makes it feel like you're not carrying a bag at all, yet all your belongings are magically at your fingertips. 


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Get Festival Ready with Sash

Get Festival Ready with Sash

Who doesn’t love a festival? OK, maybe if you don’t like music or people or fun, you don’t love a festival, but I think those folks may be beyond help ;)

For the rest of us, festivals can be some of the best times you’ll ever have. Let’s face it though, without proper preparation, things can get janky fast. So, here’s a list of must-haves to make your outing the MOST-FUN! 


First things first, you have got to have a Sash Bag. When at a festival, you are on your feet all day doing tons of walking and the last thing you want is a big backpack with unnecessary items weighing you down. You need something lightweight, organized, cute and it has an RFID built-in wallet so that’s one less thing to carry! Plus, everyone else will love you for not banging into them with your big ole bag or pack. 


Don’t forget your ID, debit/credit cards, some cash, and insurance cards. These are best to keep in a card holder or coin case so everything stays together! What seems like the obvious, one of these items always gets missed! 


Being outside all day in the heat, you’re going to need to carry a travel size bottle of sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. Also, your favorite pair of sunnies or a hat!  


Like we said, most music festivals are hot and you’re walking around and dancing all day. Here are some items to keep you smelling good and feeling fresh!

  • You don’t always have the option of washing your hands when you need to, so hand sanitizer it is!
  • It’s hot, you’re sweating and your makeup is melting- you’re going to need this to cool down. This face mist from Coola is cooling and BONUS, has sunscreen!
  • Sometimes they run out of TP, so tissues are always a must have. You can never be too prepared.
  • Keep your hair out of your face with these cute hair ties that won’t give you ponytail headaches or indents for when you want to let your hair down again.
  • And any extras like lip balm, lip gloss, deodorant, body spray, tampons, tylenol etc.


Staying hydrated is so important and at some festivals, they don’t allow metal water bottles. We suggest these lightweight collapsible water bottles that can clip right onto your Sash when filled or collapse right into a pocket.


If the festival is somewhere windy with dirt, a bandana is going to be your best friend for protecting your face. The great part of it is, when you don’t need to wear it, just clip it on your Sash for a cute little accessory. And last but certainly not least, a portable phone charger. You don’t want to be that person stuck sitting near a wall while your phone charges while the rest of your friends are having fun. 

Grab a Sash Bag and some fun accessories at www.thesashbag.com and www.sashionista.shop and be prepared to have the time of your life, stress free at your next festival or outdoor concert!


June 25, 2019 — Taylor Siwy
Sash Goes to the San Diego Fair

Sash Goes to the San Diego Fair

Growing up in San Diego meant as soon as school was out you were going to the fair! The San Diego fair is one of my favorite childhood memories, janky rides with hair band hits playing a little too loud, cotton candy that made you sticky from nose to navel, livestock from the kids who were doing 4H, and the shopping exhibit hall my mom would always try and make me walk through with her.

del mar fair, san diego fair, fair entrance,

It’s been several years since I’ve been back in San Diego for the fair and with my recent move the fair was a must hit this summer! I’m the kind of gal who wants to walk around the midway rides, watch everyone try their hardest to win those giant gorilla stuffies, and eat every fried food and all the cotton candy. This year I did most of those things with the Sash gang in tow we hit the fair strong and hard!

sash bag, sash team, jump photo, girls jumping

fair food, fried food, ice cream, treats, carnival food

Southern California’s June gloom was in full effect and while normally I’d be bummed about the gray, the shade was well welcomed as we roamed the black top.

del mar fair, mom and son, pickles, midway games

Nichole’s first stop was the games – with her eye on the prize she shot some hoops – all hands free with her Sash bag by her side. Jocelyn cheered her on and shot in moral support with her new Sashionista.Shop kimono protecting her from SoCal’s harsh UV rays.

del mair fair, county fair, fair games, midway games, kimono, sash bag

Onward we went chasing down those precious stuffed animals in the brightest colors! From fishing for glass bottles (do you see that laser focus in Sophie and Nichole?!) to shooting water gun races where Jocelyn took the cake and won the cutest colorful alpaca there ever was, to popping balloons with bean bags – the team mustered their competitive spirits and rocked their Sashes the whole time!

del mar fair, sash team, sash bag, midway games, county fair games

del mar fair, fair games, sash bag, hands free, county fair, midway games

del mar fair, midway games, sash team, sash bag, county fair

From games, it was onward to the midway rides where everyone was ready to slip and slide. The steep climb up some janky stairs made everyone light headed and the quick decent even more fun! As though climbing the steepest stairs didn’t take them up high enough, on to the sky in the air swings. Shrieks and screams were had, but not a single Sash was removed!

del mar fair, fair rides, midway games, slide, swing ride, county fair

Lesa made a break away visit to the carousel with her son while I snuck off for my favorite sweet treat – Dole Whip! One more spin on the tilt a-whirl and then it was off for fried delights!

del mar fair, fair rides, county fair, dole whip, carousel, sash bag,

While the fair may be designed with kids in mind, this Sash team outing was a reminder that you’re never too old to have fun…and it’s even better when your hands are free and your goodies are close and secure all at your finger-tips! From games, to rides, fried foods to petting your favorite farm animal there’s something for everyone and my Sash never had to come off once!

fair animals, county fair, 4h, del mar fair, san diego county fair, cows,

del mar, del mar fair, san diego county fair, sash bag, hands free

We want to know what your favorite part of the county or state fair is! Let us know in the comments below and maybe even share a photo of you in your Sash!

June 14, 2019 — Alyson Coulliard
Master Travel Tips!

Master Travel Tips!

The travel season is upon us! It's time to whip out those passports and go on an adventure. Traveling is one of the best ways to have fun, expand your horizon, and rejuvenate... But it can also be stressful if you are not prepared. Our founder, Nichole MacDonald, is an expert at eliminating the might-go-wrong parts of travel and turning every inevitable disaster into an adventure. She has successfully conquered trips to some of the most challenging parts of the world, including India, Indonesia, the Middle East, even Sri Lanka, where she met someone who had never even heard of the United States of America. Just last year she spent over 80 hours on planes and crossed several international borders without a hitch or even discomfort. Here are some of her tips for all the globetrotters this summer:
1) First, let's just get this out of the way: Get a Sash bag. You'll need it for the rest of the tips.
2) You don't need to take the kitchen sink with you. Here are the basic must-haves (in addition to your clothes and shoes), all of which can fit into your Sash bag or easily in a carryon:
    • Essential Oils
    • Tissue
    • Ibuprofen
    • Ear Plugs
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Lots of Lightweight Scarves
    • Comfy Socks
    • Travel flashlight
    • Your Passport
    • Your Smart Phone
    • Phone Chargers, including Portable
    • Your Credit Cards
    • Cash in $100 denominations
    • Lobster Claw
    • Travel Pillow
    • Sleep Mask
3) In the airport, keep your passport and itinerary in your outside pocket for quick access as you'll need it at multiple points. Once you are done, you can store them in your zipper passport pocket for safe keeping during the rest of the trip.
4) On the plane, especially on long flights, you'll want your oils, scarves, sanitizer, ear plugs, and socks handy. Keep those at your fingertips.
5) One way to eliminate the annoyance of the stuffiness and smells that are inevitable during long flights is to roll essential oils onto your scarf and wrap it around your neck, maybe even over your head, if you are comfortable. You'll create your own spa-like bubble and forget that you're in a plane with hundreds of strangers.
6) Remove your shoes during the flight so your feet are not constricted and wear your comfy socks. Make sure you get up at least once an hour and walk up and down the aisles. Stretch. Do lunges. Jog in place a little. This circulation will keep your feet from swelling up too much. Sidenote: I once traveled with a friend who did not listen to me about this! She wound up having to go to a hospital in a developing country due to blood clots. This is a big deal!
7) Use your earplugs and sleep mask for sleeping and resting on the plane, but be careful to insert the earplugs slowly and not too far into your ear. You could cause vertigo and get ill. I learned this one the hard way.
8) You can keep your Sash bag on the entire time you are on the plane. Because it's so lightweight and comfortable, don't worry about taking it on and off. You won't risk losing anything because it'll be at your fingertips.
9) Once you are at your destination and find yourself sightseeing, you can use your tissue and hand sanitizer for bathrooms that don't have all the conveniences of our western toilets.
10) You can keep your Sash on all the time, whether in a cab, on a train, on a bike, eating out at a restaurant, and even in the bathroom. Never worry about losing it or having it stolen.
11) Keep your phone in your outside pocket for quick access, but if you are ever in a crowded or questionable area, you can move it into a zippered pocket.
12) You can use a lobster claw to connect the dual zippers so nobody can access the zippered pockets. 
13) Keep your extra charger and portable chargers in the pocket with your phone. You'll need that juice throughout the day!
14) Your bag is safe with RFID protection from would-be thieves, so no worries there either!
15) Relax knowing everything is safe and conveniently at your fingertips, and HAVE FUN!!
16) And take lots of pictures. :-)
Have any tips to share of your own? We'd love to hear them!
May 08, 2018 — Amelia Ober